The Savings Rate Challenge: How to Save More Money!

Savings rate challenge

What if every college student was required to take a class that covered budgeting, investing, and how to get out of debt? Imagine the difference it would make! I wish more than anything that schools today would at least do one class on personal finance. It would be a game-changer. The sad reality is that …

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How to Build up Financial Discipline

financial freedom

There are many different financial planning strategies, and the advice could be more precise. While the advice you receive can be helpful in some cases, it can leave you feeling confused or overwhelmed in others. Learning to build up financial discipline can help you live without falling into debt or suffering from unexpected expenses. How …

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What is Zero-Sum Budgeting [And How to Use it]

zero based budgeting

Do you know what the most challenging thing about budgets is? No, it’s not creating it. It’s having the discipline to stick to it. In most cases, this lack of discipline usually comes because everything is not accounted for so you have a lot of idle cash. That’s where zero-sum budgeting comes in. What Is …

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The 50/30/20 Rule: Is it the Best Budget for you?

It can feel impossible to stay on top of your finances and ensure that you manage your money correctly. Luckily, an easy-to-follow budgeting rule takes all the guesswork out of financial planning: the 50/30/20 budget rule. Let’s look at how it works and if it’s the right strategy for you. What Is The 50/30/20 Rule? …

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ChooseFI: The Best Podcast Duo Spreading the FIRE


Have you ever stumbled across your favorite early retirement blogger and had your mind blown? One blog post, and you’re off to the races. Chasing the dream. You start off just wanting to cut back and make some adjustments.  Before you know it, nothing matters except reaching the Holy Grail… Financial Independence. You’ve set Financial …

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CIT Bank Savings Builder Account Review

Compared to the low national savings average of around 0.16% APY, online savings accounts such as CIT’s Savings Builder account offer competitive rates. In this CIT Savings Builder Review, I look closely at this online savings account to help you decide whether it is a good fit for you.  CIT Savings Builder Review – General …

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How Do You Teach Your Child About Money?

Money is often a sensitive topic for most parents. However, there is an urgent need for them to start talking about money with their kids. The problem is many parents need help with how to do this. So, how do you teach your child about money?  How Do You Teach Your Child About Money? Having …

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A Complete Guide to the 403(b) Retirement Account

Retirement plan can be a confusing topic because there are so many different options that are suitable for a variety of different situations. It is important to have an understanding of the options available to you so you can begin planning for your retirement. What is a 403(b) Plan? A 403(b) plan or a church …

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Where to Invest Your Money as Newlyweds

Now that the excitement of the big day has started to subside, you may have had some time to finally settle in with your spouse and adapt to your new way of life as a married couple. Money troubles can be a main cause of stress and anxiety in a marriage, so coming to an …

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