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Jared Bauman

My name is Jared Bauman. I am the owner and editor of Personal Finance Geeks, abbreviated as 

From an early age, I have been deeply interested in finances. I was the kid who started a lemonade stand, only to realize more people purchased lemonade from my sisters, so I hired them to sell lemonade and kept the profits.

From there, I proceeded to major in Business at UCSD, while starting my first successful business at age 19, Bauman Photographers

20+ years later, personal finance has been an ongoing pursuit of mine. A few highlights:

  • Purchased first home in the expensive San Diego, California market at age 27
  • Purchased first investment property in San Diego, California at age 29
  • Sold first business (Bauman Photographers) at age 30
  • Achieved Net Worth of $1 million+ at age 30
  • Purchased (2) apartment complexes in Midwest at age 35
  • Sold second business (ShootDotEdit) at age 37
  • Achieved Net Worth of $3 million+ at age 40

Nowadays, I run a San Diego SEO agency . Outside of work, I enjoy chatting about personal finances with others, ranging from purchasing property to the best debt ratio for personal finances to retirement investment opportunities.

Which brings me to my point – it’s better to do this stuff together. It’s rewarding to achieve a personal finance goal, but it’s far more rewarding to share in the journey with fellow travelers. is just that – a place to share what I’ve learned and collaborate with other personal finance experts. Join the family, and let’s start achieving together. 

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