3 Tiers of Financial Resiliency: How to Create a Shock-proof Life

Financial Resiliency

When it comes to money, most people are fragile, scared, and don’t know what they’re doing. Think about it… US consumer debt has hit an all-time high at an average of $136,000 per American In 2017 the average savings rate of Americans was 2.8% of income, the lowest that has been recorded.   A study …

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9 Great Money Tips for Saver Spender Marriages

Saver Spender marriages

Money is a funny thing. For one person it can cause enough stress and consume all of their focus, effort, and energy. It can make a person pursue a career they hate, pick up a second job or side gigs. Some people love to scrimp and save while others would rather binge and spend. It’s …

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Embracing Lifestyle Inflation with Scalable Spending

Lifestyle Inflation

You’ll probably agree with me on this… Finding balance is tough, especially when it comes to money. So when is rewarding yourself worth it? When you’ve finally figured out how to manage your own money and put yourself on a path towards financial success, the challenge becomes finding the right balance between sticking to your …

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150 Proven Ways to Save Money

Ways to Save Money

We’re all looking for more ways to save money. My guess is, you’re probably 1 of 3 people: You’re overwhelmed and struggling to make ends meet. You have no plan for your finances, but you’re determined to get started. You have a plan in place and it’s working. You’re well on your way to saving, but …

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What is a Sinking Fund? The Key to Smart Budgeting

Sinking Fund

Most people spend their entire year looking forward to the Christmas season! Getting together with family, eating great food, and celebrating the birth of Christ. Oh and one more thing! Presents. That’s when the anxiety starts to hit. You start to ask yourself, “How am I going to pay for all these gifts?” You realize …

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