How to Make a Residual Income: The 18 Best Ideas to Build Wealth

Residual Income Guide

Everyone daydreams of making money in their sleep or creating a life where money drop into your bank account while you’re on a beach somewhere. We’ve all seen the scammy looking marketers in Youtube and Facebook ads. Maybe you stumbled onto some residual income blog in the wee hours of the night searching for a …

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Is a $150K Per Year Salary Good?

Senior businessman holding money in hands while sitting at table near laptop

Imagine this; you got a job offer with a salary of $150,000/year. You’re elated because you just landed an awesome job with an upper-middle-class salary. However, a part of you is also wondering, is a $150k salary good?  Is a $150K Salary Good? Yes, $150,000 a year is a good salary for most people. It’s …

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Return on Effort Matrix: Budgeting the Smart Way

Return on Effort

I want to share with you the secret to my budgeting success. It’s less of a tool or trick and more of a framework that will help you make budgeting decisions- a way to approach budgeting that will get you the most results with little effort. This return on effort (ROE) trick will help you …

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Is a $200K Per Year Salary Good?

Person with a tattoo is seen fanning dollar bills with her hands

There is no standard definition of a good or bad salary. However, you are bound to ask questions when you get a job offer with a salary of around $200,000 per year. In particular, is a $200k salary good? Can it boost your net worth? Is a $200K Salary Good? $200K a year is generally …

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Is a Police Officer’s Salary Good?

Police officer wearing a yellow vest as he observes a local event

If you are considering a career in law enforcement or criminal justice and wondering, “Is a police officer’s salary good?” the answer is that it depends. Several factors can determine your salary, such as your city or state, years of experience, and the type of law enforcement job. Is a Police Officer’s Salary Good?  Yes, …

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9 Great Money Tips for Spender and Saver Marriages

Saver Spender marriages

Everyone has a different financial personality. You’re either a spender or you’re a saver. Maybe you’re genuinely somewhere in between or you have spending habits where you spend and others where you save, but generally… you lean one way or the other. 9 Great Money Tips for Spender and Saver Marriages When it comes to …

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The Savings Rate Challenge: How to Save More Money!

Savings rate challenge

What if every college student was required to take a class that covered budgeting, investing, and how to get out of debt? Imagine the difference it would make! I wish more than anything that schools today would at least do one class on personal finance. It would be a game-changer. The sad reality is that …

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Is a $90K Per Year Salary Good?

Woman with glasses fanning dollar bills with her hand

Let me be honest here, it is not easy to say whether you are earning a good salary or not. However, I will do my best to help you understand if earning $90,000 per year will bring you the financial stability you have always wanted. So, is a $90k salary good? Is a $90K Salary …

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Is a $60K Per Year Salary Good?

Man counting dollar bills with his two hands

I get it, you have concerns. However, when it comes to whether you are getting paid a good salary or not, there’s not a straightforward answer. On one hand, $60k a year will enable you to live comfortably. On the other hand, someone else is struggling with this salary. So, is a $60k salary good? …

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