The Best Financial Calculator App For iPhone

Are you looking for finance calculator apps? Whether you are in finance or simply exploring jobs with numbers, you need a reliable financial calculator app. Thanks to technological advancement, I find it easier to use my iPhone, so I found many easy and straightforward finance calculator apps for IOS.

So, let’s bring the best financial calculator app for iPhone to start working those numbers.

Best Financial Calculator App for iPhone

So does the iPhone have a finance calculator app suitable for me and my needs? After I conducted thorough research, I found several worthy of the name – the best iPhone financial calculator app. The iPhone apps that caught my attention were the following:

  • 10bii Financial Calculator
  • EZ Financial Calculators
  • Vicinno Financial Calculator
  • BA Financial Calculator Pro
  • Touch Fin RPN
  • Quick Business Calculator
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10bii Financial Calculator

The first financial calculator app that caught my attention was the 10bii Financial Calculator. This premium Apple app, available on iOS devices, emulates the original HP 10bii Financial Calculator. Besides the precise calculations and intuitive display, I also found it easy to use. Furthermore, it offers over 105 functions and additional features available through in-app purchases. 


The 10bii Financial Calculator has many math equations to quickly calculate the most important financial metrics. Some of them are: 

  • Amortization
  • Standard deviation
  • Time value of money
  • Uneven cash flows
  • Internal rate of return
  • Net present value
  • Compound interest
  • Linear regression forecasting
  • Investment value

With twelve easy modes available, I could simply navigate the interface and get simple answers to my complex questions. Furthermore, 10bii offers statistical graphs and diagrams to track your progress visually. All I needed to do was enter my statistical data points, and the app created the graphs based on the entered values.

For better effectiveness, 10bii saves recent calculations, which I could go back to whenever I wanted. Another cool and useful feature I found is that I could print or save amortization schedules in PDF format. And if that wasn’t enough, the current N, PV, I/YR, PMT, and FV values were displayed right above the buttons.

Furthermore, I found it quite thoughtful that this app offered video tutorials in the help section for beginners. Even those who don’t have any prior experience in using such Apple apps can navigate around 10bii with ease. 

Additional information

Apple Store reviews5 stars (4.8 out of 541 customer ratings)
Best forTime value of money calculation

EZ Financial Calculators

The second calculator app for iPhone that I found useful is EZ Financial Calculators. With numerous functions available, it might as well be the best free financial calculator app for iPhone. Plus, I could easily organize and prioritize my most used calculations according to my needs.


Like 10bii, EZ Financial Calculators has various math calculations beneficial for both personal and professional use. I could choose between the complete package of different calculators, including finance and investment, retirement, loan and mortgage, stocks, bonds, credit cards, business accounting, and general. The ones that stood out for me were:

Since this app offers the complete package of calculators by Bishinew Inc, it’s suitable for both beginners and financial experts. Furthermore, I didn’t need Wi-Fi access to use most of the features. The only calculator that required such access was the currency converter, so it could display the latest currency exchange rates. 

However, the most useful feature I found was the ability to share my calculation results via email. For those working with clients, it’s an easy and effective way to keep them up-to-date. 

Additional information

Apple Store reviews4 stars (4.1 out of 204 customer ratings)
Best forVariety of options with personal organization

Vicinno Financial Calculator

Another exquisite Apple calculator I found is the Vicinno Financial Calculator. As an emulation of the HP 12C RPN financial calculator, it surpasses its performance and functions. However, I think it’s most suitable for students, financial analysts, and advisors.


As one of the most praised iPhone financial calculator apps, Vicinno offers many math equations for finance. The most beneficial ones I found in this package were:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Time value of money
  • Depreciation
  • Loan payments
  • Amortization
  • Bonds

This financial calculator app follows the RPN system to ensure it gives you reliable results. I was surprised that this app was so user-friendly for first-time users. As I started it up, it gave me a quick start guide and access to an in-app user manual. Furthermore, I found the online support fast and effective.

The keyboard shortcuts feature was a real-time-saver when I needed to do a specific calculation quickly. It can be applied to all keys for an incredibly fast input. 

Thanks to the automatic save and restore setting, I didn’t have to worry about my data being corrupted. Besides the programmable functions, Vicinno’s suitable for statistical analysis and data arithmetic.

The last unique feature I came across was its availability in different languages. Plus, it was incredibly easy to switch between US and EU data formats. So even people outside of the US can use it without being familiar with the English terms and metric system.

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Additional information

Apple Store reviews5 stars (4.6 out of 50 customer ratings)
Best forUser-friendliness and international use

BA Financial Calculator Pro

Next up, I checked out the BA Financial Calculator Pro. This app uses the BAII Plus Professional financial calculator and offers similar features as the others. Furthermore, I wasn’t met with any annoying ads since it’s a premium paid version. 


Even though this Apple calculator is made by a one-person team, it provides its users with exquisite functionality and a friendly interface. As for the math equations, they come in quite handy when dealing with the following:

Like the other financial calculators I tried out, this app can save your calculations. However, it’s limited to ten calculations.  

Besides the finance section, you can also use BA Financial Calculator Pro for trigonometric and scientific functions. It has an easily navigable interface for experienced finance calculator users. Still it may be a bit complicated for people without prior experience, as it’s designed for CFA candidates and charter holders. So I highly recommend this app to people who have already used the renowned BAII Plus Professional.

Additional information

Apple Store reviews5 stars (4.7 out of 112 customer ratings)
Best forCFA candidates and charter holders

Touch Fin RPN

Last on my list is the Touch Fin RPN app. Since it makes use of most of the features the standard HP-12C financial calculator has, it comes quite useful for quick calculations. If you want to make use of the 10C, 11C, and 16C options, you can access them through in-app purchases.


Touch Fin RPN offers several calculator modes you can choose from. They’re called flavors inside the app and include financial, scientific, and computer programmer options. Since my focus was using these tools for financial purposes, here are the functions I found most beneficial:

  • Annual interest rates
  • Loan amortizations
  • Time value of money
  • Bonds
  • Depreciation

Since it’s an emulation of the HP-12C, it also shares its limitations. Thus, there are only 99 programming steps and 20 memory positions. 

If a user gets stuck while using this app, a quick guide is available. It contains the most used formulas and equations for multiple functions. Furthermore, I found it useful that I could change the number format in the settings menu. This way, I could easily shift between USA, European, and Indian ones. 

Lastly, regardless of my calculator mode, I could quickly save any calculations to my iCloud. This feature is beneficial for transferring data between devices and using different programs. Plus, once I’d saved the calculation, I could easily share it through emails or WhatsApp.  

Additional information

Apple Store reviews4 stars (3.4 out of 165 customer ratings)
Best forStoring and sharing data

What’s a Financial Calculator and its Use

Unlike normal calculators, finance or business calculators have additional functions for business and commerce reasons. Some include conversions, simple and compound interests, cash flow, and amortization. Furthermore, many traditional financial calculators allow users to add personalized functions. So people won’t have to struggle if a needed function isn’t available in the default option. 

The main difference is that normal calculators are used for basic math and arithmetic calculations. Financial ones, on the other hand, stick to the financial side. That being said, the most common functions you’ll find are:

  • Time value of money – a basic finance concept that’s based on the belief that money is more valuable in the present than in the future. This is due to its earnings potential and interest generation.
  • Cash flow conversions – measures the efficiency of turning sales into money. With it, many businesses track if they’re using their resources effectively.
  • Interest rates – the amount charged per period from a lender to a borrower. This way, it’s easier for companies to plan investments and loans.
  • Gross profit margin – a business metric used to analyze financial health. Depicted in percentages, they represent how much money is left from product sales after taking away the products’ cost.


So, what is the best iPhone financial calculator app? After trying some of the most talked-about apps on the Apple Store, only a few financial calculators proved themselves worthy of the title. Those apps were Touch RPN, BA Financial Calculator Pro, Vicinno, EZ, and 10bii.

Thanks to the many unique features, they all proved accurate and capable of handling most financial equations while also providing an exquisite user experience. Lastly, I hope this article helps you choose the best financial calculator app for iPhone and that it’ll suit your needs. In case you’re not satisfied with the functions, just try another one out until you find the one that fits you best!

Jared Bauman is the owner and editor of He has started and sold several companies, along with owning several investment properties. His interest in personal finance started as a young kid, developed through his entrepreneurial ventures and real estate investments, and continue through his conversations with friends and colleagues.

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