Is a Teacher’s Salary Good?

A woman in white long-sleeves and black pants teaching her student about Paramecium

The answer to the question “is a teacher’s salary good?” is relative. On average, teachers do not earn as much as people in other comparable professions. However, depending on your needs and circumstances, a teacher’s salary can be good or bad. Is a Teacher’s Salary Good? Yes, a teacher’s salary is good since they make …

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Is a $70K Salary Good?

A person wearing a green t-shirt counting dollar banknotes

So, you just got a new job offer with a base salary of $70K. Is this a good salary? Well, it depends on your financial situation and goals. Everyone has different financial needs and goals, so more than what might be considered a good salary for one person may be needed for another. Is a …

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What Is a Sinking Fund? The Key to Smart Budgeting

Sinking Fund

Today I want to share one of our best tactics for sticking to our budget: a sinking fund. This one tip helps us avoid significant spending hits and allows us to avoid racking up credit card debt. The Sinking Fund: Pros and Cons of Sinking Funds With a sinking fund, you set aside a small …

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Expense Ratio

Expense Ratio

There is a killer on the loose wreaking havoc on retirement and saving accounts around the world. Year after year, a portion of your hard-earned savings are being withdrawn, often without your knowledge. You’ve worked hard, trimmed your budget, picked up a side hustle, automated your investing, and said “No!” to all of the materialistic …

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7 Steps to Save $10,000 in 6 Months

Graphic image with text of how to start an emergency fund

Creating a fully funded emergency fund should be the first step for people trying to achieve financial independence. These days the average American only has about $400 of emergency cash on hand. That’s hardly enough to pay for a month’s worth of food, let alone other basic needs such as housing and utilities. If you …

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What Is a Good Salary in Dubai?

A 100 United Arab Emirates dirham bill was placed on a white surface

A modern cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary culture. The city prides itself on a thriving economy with a dynamic workforce. So, if you are thinking of working here, you probably wonder, “what is a good salary in Dubai?” Read on to find out. What …

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What Is a Good Salary in Dallas?

A woman in white long sleeves holding a bunch of cash in front of a silver laptop

Is Dallas calling your name with its youthful vibe, booming economy, and vibrant culture? You aren’t alone. People around the country are heeding the call and moving to the city. However, it isn’t all roses and rainbows. You need an above-average salary to live comfortably. So, what is a good salary in Dallas, Texas? What …

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Is a $100K Salary Good?

Woman holding dollar bills against her face

The idea of making a $100,000-a-year salary sounds excellent — and it is! It’s certainly enough to live comfortably and provide for your family. However, depending on where you live and the cost of living, this may not always be enough. So, is a $100K salary good for you? Let’s find out Is a $100K …

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Is a Nurse’s Salary Good?

Nurse talking to a doctor while typing on a computer

Are you considering some nursing careers? With so many different types of nursing jobs available, it’s important to understand what the average pay is for each one. It can also be helpful to know how much money most nurses make, and whether it is enough to provide for yourself and your family. So, is a …

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Is an $80K Per Year Salary Good?

A person giving money to another person in the living room

There is no right or wrong definition of a good salary. In reality, there are several factors you will need to look at before deciding whether the salary offer you receive is good or not. So, is an $80k salary good for you? Let’s find out. Is an $80K Salary Good? Yes, an $80k salary …

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