Is a 40K Salary Good?

Casio calculator on a white table next to a stack of $50 bills while a person writes on a small notepad

The Bureau of Labour Statistics states that the median salary for workers in the US is around $1,041 weekly, which equates to $54,132 annually.  But what if you’re not being offered that much? Should you still take a job that pays less than the industry average? What if you’re being offered almost 14k lower than …

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How To Counter Offer Salary

Business woman shaking a man's hand with two other colleagues smiling in an office

Let’s paint a picture.  It’s been months since you’ve been hunting for a suitable job. Customizing your resumé and applying to tons of job posts has you exhausted. Finally, you get an interview call, and it feels like your hard work has paid off.  But wait, your heart sinks when the interviewer tells you the …

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6 Financial Steps to Take When You Start Your First Full-Time Job

I remember graduating from college and entering “the real world.” The college years often feel like the final flickers of childhood, so it can be daunting yet exciting to join the workforce.  Financially, you’ll be required to manage more than you ever have before.  So, what should you do to get started and build wealth? …

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Where to Invest Your Money as Newlyweds

Now that the excitement of the big day has started to subside, you may have had some time to finally settle in with your spouse and adapt to your new way of life as a married couple. Money troubles can be a main cause of stress and anxiety in a marriage, so coming to an …

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The 18 Best Residual Income Ideas to Build Wealth

Residual Income Guide

Everyone daydreams of making money in their sleep or creating a life where money drop into your bank account while you’re on a beach somewhere. We’ve all seen the scammy looking marketers in Youtube and Facebook ads. Maybe you stumbled onto some passive income blog in the wee hours of the night searching for a …

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