The Definitive Guide: How to Start & Build an Emergency Fund

how to start an emergency fund

Creating a fully funded emergency fund should be the first step for people trying to get their finances in order. These days the average American only has about $400 of emergency cash on hand. That’s hardly enough to pay for a month’s worth of food, let alone other basic needs such as housing and utilities. …

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The 50/30/20 Rule: Is it the Best Budget for you?

Today I want to start with a question. What is one of the most universally advised practices that so few people actually do? Think for a minute. Budgeting. Nearly every living person recognizes the value in creating a budget. Everyone knows how important they are to saving money. Retirement experts, financial advisors, and money bloggers …

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The 5 Burners of Personal Finance & Chasing Financial Goals

How to balance financial goals

There’s an old approach to handling work-life balance called the “Four Burners Theory.” The idea is simple. We all have four burners that we can devote our time, energy, and resources into: Family Friends Work Health But here’s the problem… We all have limited time available to pursue these important aspects of life. We’re stretched …

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