Return on Effort Matrix: Budgeting the Smart Way

Return on Effort

Budgeting sucks. Reducing your spending. Cutting your expenses. Finding ways to save. Paying down debt. Increasing your income. Optimizing your investments.   99% of people probably have better hobbies than trying to find every way to save more money. I admit that I’m one of those weird people in the 1% who actually enjoy this. …

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Expense Ratio

Expense Ratio

There is a killer on the loose wreaking havoc on retirement and saving accounts around the world. Year after year, a portion of your hard-earned savings are being withdrawn, often without your knowledge. You’ve worked hard, trimmed your budget, picked up a side hustle, automated your investing, and said “No!” to all of the materialistic …

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How to Make a Recession Proof Budget

Recession proof budget

  Over the past few years I have watched dozens of videos and read hundreds of articles by financial experts doling out their latest advice on investing and the state of the stock market. For the most part the advice has been the same: SELL. I’ve even had close friends and family tell me that …

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